Got Cotton? E-commerce Dynamic Facebook Ads Gameplan

Time to Learn About Maximizing Results Through E-commerce Dynamic Facebook Ads.


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Making an E-commerce website?
What you need to know about creating e-Commerce Dynamic Facebook ads and rich pins on Pinterest.

I know the basics of pixels. Custom audiences, lookalike audience, and various forms of conversion tracking. There is a ton of plugins for that.

Look at the important developer docs so you can place it in from square 1.

Currently, I am going through them so I  understand what people are talking about. PLUS most of the API calls can be recreated in Power Editor. Yes, trying to avoid the hefty cost of some of the Facebook PMDs. Why spend a huge chunk of money to use their software when you can do it yourself. You enter in the API string in Power Editor. When dealing with the strings and immediate checkout exclusion targeting w/ ads now offering comparable goods it is dirty. A massive list of goods is huge.

You should place all of this on your site as well.

The more data the better. Facebook and Twitter algorithms will work for custom audiences and tailored audiences. I would place every single free pixel possible like adroll and dystellery. Why every possible pixel site? You never know what network is coming out next and who will get first access.

I am watching this take place currently to a site. I see the importance of this. Very few people are currently doing dynamic ads. Why? Facebook doesn’t make it easy on the docs. Google it and you will see.

Twitter is really simple. Take the Twitter card code and place it in the head. The card is unique per page. There are a ton of plugins for that if using WordPress.

Very few sites are using rich pins. I don’t have a clue why. Rich pins are important because it will email the user and send notification if that is an item they pinned to Pinterest.

Pinterest also has over 70% female demographic and the highest conversion %, and largest checkout $. That is compared to Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest is organic and doesn’t cost shit. Well you can advertise as well

Not trying to intimidate you about Facebook dynamic ads. Trying to show you what it is and all the cool stuff possible.

You can target type of material that is how crazy these get.

Got Cotton?

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