Event Marketing Using Social Media

Event Marketing Using Social Media / Digital Marketing

Imagine we are planning a few months before for an event? What is your game plan for event marketing using social media? Follow this handy guide and you are set for event digital marketing success.

I wouldn’t sell tickets via digital marketing until 1.5 – 2 months before. Tease out the event months 2-3 months prior. I would ramp up advertising budget like mad last two weeks.

Most important step!

Make sure to get tracking pixels on the landing page ASAP. Place Twitter and Facebook pixels on the site. What are tracking pixels? Tracking pixels allow you to re-advertise to web visitors who either didn’t convert or up-sell those that did. Don’t forget we need advertisers for the event.

Again put the pixels on NOW for the web. The more data you have the better the Facebook and Twitter algorithms can perform.

Input list of potential advertisers emails into both of those platforms. Begin advertising to the potential event advertisers. Run lead generation cards on Twitter. That is one click email submission showing interest. You also get their personal email so know it is legit.

Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account NOW.

What is the strategy for each network?

  • Twitter
    • influencer outreach,
    • ticket sales and,
    • past similar event marketing. What?
      • Data harvest where isolate the people who attended, for example, the LA Car Show or those that went to the Pebble Beach show that live in LA.
  • Facebook
    • primarily ticket sales
    • web re-targeting.
  • Instagram
    • geo-target users based on the hashtags they are using.
    • target based on events previously attended.

Follow these steps and you will have a successful gameplan for event marketing using social media.


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