List of Social Media App Analytics Sites

List of Social Media App Analytics Sites

Social Media App Advertising and Analytics Partners


  • Adjust (Facebook + Twitter)


      • Track interactions in your app in real time to see how your users engage over their full lifetime. Define your events, drill down into each user segment, and export data wherever you need. Each event, you define, is tracked over the lifetime of your users and presented with a series of KPIs. From total occurrences per day and per segment to events-per-user, to fully-fledged event conversion and cohort analyses.


  • AdX (Facebook + Twitter)


      • Identify the most effective acquisition source, providing deep granularity such as publisher and creative level insights.


  • AppsFlyer (Facebook + Twitter)


      • Measure all media sources, including paid, organic, viral and social sources, without compromising user experience or accuracy.


  • AdParlor (Facebook)


      • Mobile advertising bid system.


  • Tune (Twitter):


      • Measures analytics and ROI of ad campaign.


  • Kochava (Twitter and Facebook)


      • Kochava optimizes attribution sources and their sub-publishers to see what’s working and what is not. Finally, Kochava delivers an easy approach to cohort analysis by linking post-install analytics with attribution source.


  • Grab Analytics (Twitter)


      • Grab Analytics bridges mobile conversion tracking with in-depth app engagement, retention, and revenue insights.


  • Localytics (Facebook and “Soon” Twitter)


    • Makes the app experience for the user unique based on previous engagement.


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