What is a Twitter Tailored Audience? How Can it Boost Your Marketing Success?


twitter tailored audience What is a “Twitter Tailored Audience”?




Twitter’s “Tailored Audience” features allow you to examine each customer at an individual level, so you can select whatever information most interests that particular person and present your campaign highlighting that focus. With this “tailored audience,” marketers can now pinpoint their marketing campaigns and deliver them at the most productive time to the most receptive prospects with data that Twitter provides.

Let’s look at how to put two Twitter features into action: the promoted account and the promoted tweet.

orange-animation-wild-hair-tallUsing a “Twitter Tailored Audience” for a Promoted Account

As part of Twitter’s “Who to Follow” ad widget, a promoted account helps you add followers through suggestions/reminders of brand’s existence made to a target audience.

How a “Twitter Tailored Audience” can be used to optimize, minimize, capitalize, and monetize a Promoted Account:

Offer Info at Lightning Speed. Everyone knows Twitter is fast, so when an existing customer visits a site, a promoted account campaign can suggest following an associated brand’s Twitter account so the client will know what’s up. You will gain Twitter followers and promote while their interest is sizzling hot.

Offer Loyalty Perks. Your “Devoted Brand Supporters” will appreciate the useful and valuable content you offer to brand’s most frequent visitors and individuals who’ve visited websites associated with your company name. Now,  run unique promotions and information privately conveyed to brand advocates.

Offer What They’ll Want Now. You can deliver a customized message to prospects based on what’s in their online shopping carts. Ever been tempted by “you want fries with that?” You can offer what they’ll want because Twitter can tell you which of your customers are in which group -for example, “Who just purchased something from the brand’s online shop?” Want ketchup, too?

What is a Promoted Tweet?


“Promoted tweets are displayed at the top of relevant search results pages, within search results for promoted trends, in the Twitter feeds of users (if relevant), in Twitter’s desktop and mobile apps and in several third-party Twitter clients.”

That’s a lot of account exposure!


How to best use a Twitter Tailored Audiences for a Promoted Tweet

Remember Us? A promoted tweet campaign is an excellent way to refresh the memories of users who have not visited the website in a while. Make It Worthwhile. Target people who clicked on a link from an earlier tweet and serve up high-interest related content that will enhance your relationship with them. Let Us Get It For You. Send a promoted tweet to target possible customers who’ve conducted searches for products related to your brand or visited sites similar to yours.

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