List of Social Media Advertising Website Pixels

Social Media Advertising Website Pixels


Code these into the website!


Why this matters!

Take web analytics, cross-platform marketing, social media advertising,  and Geo-marketing to a new level. The amount of data harvested is what makes this possible. These services built into the web site are waiting to have the switch flipped. They are just databasing the data.


adroll: (Free)

  • Web
  • Facebook
  • Mobile


AdTech (Free)

  • Ability to serve, flash and third party
  • Live monitoring
  • Live testing (preview ads and show if clicks are being counted)
  • Multiple campaign types: (open, house, exclusive)
  • Pricing models: CPM, flat fee
  • Banner templates
  • Sales tree (allows you to organize your placements irrespective of the website structure or the categories)
  • Frequency capping/banner frequency capping
  • Impression delivery options (pacing-even, ASP)
  • Geo-targeting, all the way down to zip (The US only)
  • Keyword targeting
  • Online targeting: browser/OS/connection type


MixPanel (Free)


Facebook Social Graph (Free)


AOL Mobile Platform (Free)


Optimizely (Free)

  • Cross device marketing
  • For iOS ($$$)



  • (Not sure of the cost haven’t heard back)


OpenX (Not sure on pricing yet)


NewRelic Lite (Free)


Google Tag Manager (Free)


Facebook Custom Audience Pixel (Free)


Twitter Advertising Pixel (Free)



The idea is to gather all the data possible. The services won’t charge until we flip the switch. Now, you will have maximum opportunities in the future for advertising.